Chef's Specials




Gung Grabuang

Crispy Crepe with a blend of prawns and coriander


Thai Platter

Thai sausage, extra crispy chicken wings, papaya salad, crispy pork curry, green & red chilli sauce. Minimum order 2 people.

£9.50 per person

Spicy Avocado & Carrot Salad

Mix of avocado and carrots with green beans, tomatoes, peanuts with lime juice & chilli
£8.90 or with Prawns £9.50

Sai Oua

Chiang mai sausage made with pork, lemongrass kaffir lime leaves, galangal and red chilli paste with lettuce leaves to wrap


Popia Sod

Thai fresh vegetable rolls served with a spicy dressing

£7.60 or with Prawns £8.50


Main Dishes



Pla Tod Yum Mamuang

Crispy Sea Bass with Green Mango Salad


Pla Sam Rod

Deep fried Sea Bass with a sweet, tangy and spicy Tamarind Sauce



Pad Pak Boong Tofu Kapaow

Stir fried Morning Glory with steamed Tofu, fresh chilli and basil


Makua Yad Sai

Thai style stuffed Aubergines with Minced Chicken or Vegetables



Yang Nuer

Medium grilled beef slices, served with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and dry chilli dipping sauce

£12 add sticky rice for £3


Gaeng Panaeng Ped

Roast Duck Breast with rich red curry with coconut milk and thai herbs



Kana Moo Krob Kapaow

Crispy Pork Belly with Thai basil, oyster sauce and fresh chilli and fried egg.